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  • Reports to the Executive Director/Chief Investment Officer (“ED/CIO”)
    Application Deadline: August 21, 2020




    The Investment Officer is responsible for public markets, including publicly traded equities, fixed income and hedge fund portfolios, and will have the following specific responsibilities, which shall include, but not be limited to:


    1. Analyze structure of overall public market portfolio to ensure they meet Board objectives. In conjunction with the ED/CIO, make recommendations about changes to the policy guidelines, including relevant benchmarks, for those portfolios.


    2. Act as primary liaison for all public market investment advisors to ISBI. Maintain frequent contact with public market advisors, managers, consultants and partnerships. Evaluate performance and style consistency of all advisor relationships. Based on Board direction, work closely with the ED/CIO and relevant staff on developing investment guidelines for each advisor and monitor to ensure that investments are made in accordance with those guidelines.


    3. Lead the due diligence of all potential new public market investments, in conjunction with applicable public market consultants, managers, advisors and partnerships in which ISBI is a potential investor.


    4. Conduct searches consistent with Board policies, in conjunction with the ED/CIO and applicable public market consultants, managers, advisors and partnerships.


    5. In conjunction with the ED/CIO and Senior Investment Officer, plan and implement risk-related policies, procedures and systems to measure, monitor and manage investment risks across the entire investment program. Identify and analyze areas of potential risk to the assets, earning capacity or success of the Board. Document and ensure communication of key risks.


    6. Devise systems and processes to monitor the validity of risk modeling outputs and information. Plan and contribute to the development of Board’s risk management systems. In conjunction with service provider, maintain input or data quality of the Board’s risk management systems.


    7. Responsible for performing due diligence and recommending diverse investment managers in order to meet the Board’s goals outlined in the Investment Policy. In addition, responsible for generating new ideas and initiatives as they relate to diversity, consistent with the Board’s Policies.


    8. In addition to public markets, assist in developing and implementing overall investment policy as well as evaluating prospective investment products in other asset classes.


    9. Oversight of all aspects of transition management and regularly advise the ED/CIO of status.


    10. Responsible for monitoring and evaluating the securities lending program. Regularly advise the ED/CIO of status.


    11. Perform portfolio research on an ad hoc and ongoing basis. Present research and findings to ED/CIO and Investment Staff.


    12. Assist Senior Investment Officer in the preparation of performance and investment reports for the total fund including plan attribution and peer group attribution analysis.


    13. In conjunction with the ED/CIO, continually assess and determine optimal investment-related services and software.


    14. Obtain knowledge about the role and functions of the Senior Investment Officer for purposes of planned and unplanned succession.


    15. Other duties as required or assigned.




    • Bachelor’s degree required. MBA, Master’s or progress toward CFA preferred.


    • 3 years of experience in the investment or financial industry preferred.


    • Good written and oral communication skills.


    • Proficient in Microsoft Excel.